What is QPR?

What is QPR?

Held every two years in Adelaide, South Australia, QPR brings together educational researchers, policy makers, university leaders, research students, and research degree supervisors for the purpose of better understanding the processes, practices, pedagogies, and theoretical frameworks of doctoral education.

Globally, doctoral education continues to develop rapidly in terms of size, form, diversity, and ascribed purposes. Alongside these developments, debates continue over its future, forms of delivery, and the nature of the learning and innovation that it facilitates and engenders. These debates involve diverse actors, from individual research students to international bodies such as the OECD and the World Bank.

Since 1994, QPR has brought together from across the world research degree supervisors, postgraduate students, academic developers, university decision makers and administrators, governmental representatives and those who conduct research in postgraduate education and associated areas.  Together we discuss, debate and make sense of this complex and changing area of policy and practice. The biennial QPR conference has become a global focal point for the discussion of all aspects of doctoral education. QPR conferences attract key thinkers in the area of doctoral education from Europe, North America, the United Kingdom, South-East Asia, South Africa, as well as Australasia.

In between conferences, QPR supports a vibrant research community, including a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs). We also maintain an archive of papers & abstracts presented at our conferences.

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