Quality in Postgraduate Research

Quality in Postgraduate Research

Quality in Postgraduate Research (QPR) is the world’s biggest and longest-standing conference on doctoral education.

14th Quality in Postgraduate Research Conference



20-23 April 2020
National Wine Centre, Hackney Road, Adelaide

Thank you to all who attended and supported QPR2018


Recap the 2018 year’s conference:
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Keynotes Speakers:

2018, QPR was proud to host Alan Finkel; Gina Wisker, Gillian Robinson, and Brenda Leibowitz; and Hugh Kearns as the Conference’s Keynote Speakers. Click here to find out more.

QPR2018: Impact, Engagement, and Doctoral Education

Doctoral education is an integral part of most countries’ economic and social development strategies, an integral part of their innovation strategies and, for some, a key contributor to export earnings. For individual higher degree by research and doctoral students, there is an increasing diversity of modes of study and presentation available; they can pursue study as an opening to a career or innovative business opportunity, as continued professional development, or simply as a structured high-level research experience in an area of great interest. Increasingly, doctoral graduates work in non-academic spheres, bringing high-levels skills into the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

It is in this context that QPR2018 seeks to address the ‘so what?’ question about doctoral education, inviting proposals addressing the conference theme of ‘Impact, Engagement, and Doctoral Education’. We invite contributors to think broadly about the notions of ‘impact’ and ‘engagement’ with possible topics including, but by no means limited to:

Theory, concepts, and measurement

  • What do we mean by impact and engagement in the context of doctoral education?
  • How can impact and engagement be measured in doctoral education?
  • How are impact and engagement exerted and mediated? What are the key processes and actors operating here?
  • Can we measure the quality of impacts and engagements? How can we improve that quality?

Impact and engagement in practice

  • What impact do doctoral researchers have on their institutions?
  • How do impact and engagement translate into employability?
  • What impact do doctoral graduates have on the organisations they enter following graduation?
  • What impact do industry-funded doctoral projects have?
  • How can the impact and engagement of doctoral graduates be maximised?
  • How do impact and engagement operate in the overall ecology of the doctoral education system?

Impact and engagement – the human dimension

  • What impact does doctoral education have on its graduates? What is the impact of the wider engagement agenda on doctoral graduates?
  • What impact have developments in doctoral education over the past 25 years had on the student experience?

A special QPR2018 edition of the journal Studies in Graduate and Postdoctoral Education has been agreed and, following the conference, all participants in the conference will be invited to submit papers for consideration for inclusion.