14th Quality in Postgraduate Research Conference (QPR2020)


Submission deadline  

Abstract submission deadline now 28 October 2019

All proposals must be submitted electronically via the Easychair link at: by Monday, 28 October, 2019 at 12.00 noon (Australian Central Standard Time).

Acceptance Notification

In mid-December 2019, you will receive an acceptance or rejection e-mail for each proposal you submitted. If your proposal is not immediately accepted, you may be contacted at a later date to present if spaces become available on the program.

The main author for each accepted proposal will be required to confirm that they accept the invitation to present by Tuesday, 21 January 2020.

For each accepted paper, at least one author will be required to register for and attend the conference.

For expert symposia or roundtable discussions, all participants will be required to register for and attend the conference.

Authorship limits

It is anticipated that the maximum number of times any one individual will appear as the author of a contribution to the conference program is three, and this number may be lowered depending on the overall number and quality of the abstracts that are submitted.

Panel schedule and scheduling requests

Panels are scheduled in time slots beginning at 11:00am on Tuesday 21 April 2020 and conclude at 14:30pm on Thursday 23 April 2020. Participants are expected to be available for any of the time slots.

Please note that due to the complexity of the program, we may be unable to respond positively to scheduling requests


Each submission must include:

  • The title
  • An abstract of no more than 450 words
  • A maximum of 4 references
  • A statement of which category of paper the submission falls into (see below for details of categories):
  • Research papers
  • Review, integrative, policy or conceptual papers
  • Practice and innovation papers
  • Roundtable discussions or expert symposia

Where a full panel comprising a number of papers is being proposed, the submission should include the titles and abstracts/references for each of the papers included in the panel together with a rationale for the panel as a whole.

Submission of individual papers

Paper submissions should be in the form of abstracts of a maximum of 450 words. The abstract should include the paper’s main arguments, methods, and findings/conclusions. Please list up to five keywords to help the program organizers evaluate and place papers in the conference program if accepted.

Papers submissions may be of one of the following types and, if accepted, will be allocated to streams and sessions containing (as far as is possible) similar types of papers.

  • Research papers (this category includes papers involving the presentation of empirical data or theoretical developments in the field of doctoral education. Submissions should state whether presenters intend presenting full findings or their early results. Papers addressing the rigorous evaluation of institutional practice may be included in this category.)
  • Review, integrative, policy or conceptual papers (papers not dealing with the presentation of empirical data.)
  • Practice and innovation papers (papers dealing with administrative and practice developments, showcases, or experiments and innovations not involving rigorous evaluation).

The type of paper or presentation being submitted must be indicated at the beginning of the abstract title and before the actual title.

Round table discussions or expert symposia

A proposal for a round table or expert symposium should comprise no more than two A4 pages of text (in a reasonable font size) and should include a summary of and rationale for the contribution, a description of the proposed structure of the session, and the names and affiliations of participant speakers. A round table or symposium will run for 90 minutes and should address a significant issue of importance to the doctoral education community.

Other forms of presentation

QPR2020 welcomes innovative forms of presentation outwith those identified above and enquiries about the possibility of including these in the conference program should be directed in the first instance to Professor Alistair McCulloch at with a copy to .


13th Quality in Postgraduate Research Conference (QPR2018)


The conference proceedings will be published in late June 2018.

    • If you are satisfied with your abstract as it appeared in the Conference Book and do not want a short paper (2000 words) published as part of the proceedings, no action is needed. We will use your abstract as per the Conference Book.
    • If you want the proceedings to include a revised version of your abstract rather than the one that appeared in the Conference Book, please send your amended abstract directly to Michelle Picard at: by 31 May 2018.
    • If you want the proceedings to include a short paper based on your presentation (a maximum of 2,000 words including references), please send a copy directly to Michelle Picard at: by 31 May 2018.
  • If you want the proceedings to include a full paper based on your presentation (a maximum of 5000 words including references), please send a copy directly to Michelle Picard at: by 31 May 2018.

Please send your contribution as a Microsoft Word document in APA 6th style remembering not to use footnotes.

Finally, the call for papers for the special QPR2018 edition of Studies in Graduate and Postdoctoral Education will be circulated shortly and will also be posted on the QPR website. The editors of the special edition hope you will consider submitting a paper for consideration.